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Stock Market Superstars

In these absorbing interviews with 12 of the greatest money managers in Canada, Bob Thompson humanizes the mechanics and psychology behind the key factors that make these managers great. How do the country’s top stock pickers make millions of dollars in the markets? That’s the question Thompson answers in interviews with these superstar money-makers. This book highlights the common traits that some of the best money managers in the country have developed over the years. It will help average investors increase their investing skills by explaining, in money managers’ own words, how their strategies, style, and success have developed over the years. In this entertaining book investors will see the insights, personalities, foibles, outlooks, and misgivings of some of the brightest minds in the investment world here in Canada. And it will help to make investors aware of their own strengths, and weaknesses, and what it takes to be a great investor.

Meet the Author

Bob Thompson holds the title of Portfolio Manager and Alternative Investment Strategist at a leading investment firm. He manages discretionary portfolios on behalf of clients and is a regular featured financial columnist in the National Post, writing specifically on alternative investments. He is a recognized authority on alternative investing in Canada, and maintains a select clientele of high-net investors and institutions.

He is a frequent guest on the Business News Network and has written and advised on articles for The Globe and Mail, Canadian Business, Investor’s Digest, Canadian Hedgewatch, Benefits Canada, and others.

Thompson is a frequent guest speaker at international investment conferences on portfolio strategy, and in particular, alternative investments.